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من نحن


The most important reasons to Cambridge for development and consultation establishment is the absolute faith in the founding capabilities and practical experience and scientific extended through the years through Arab and foreign institutions as well as the expertise of our experts and consultants from the world of science degree holders of the world's most prestigious universities, and practical experience over several centuries in the major Arab and international institutions, this is the biggest motivation that led us to the establishment of an Arab institution concerned with matters of training and development of Arab human resources and that the most modern methods and modern technology and tools in accordance with the standards and global systems in this area.

In light of the challenges and developments in our time and we can not to face time major need for capacity and programs of upgrading the quality of the service rendered in the field of training and human development building comes through continuous performance and periodic review of the plans and programs developed to achieve the goals and establish the importance of the concept of value-added constantly within our activities and the output of our training.

Our mission

We seek through Cambridge to provide excellent services and professionally and professionalism will enhance the skills and competencies to our customers and develop the skills through training programs, conferences and workshops to reach the desired goals and to meet the requirements and training needs of our customers.

Our vision

Through Cambridge we look to put imprint in the field of training and development, human resources development and excellence of others by providing excellent services to our customers, to raise and refine professional competencies in various fields.

Our ambision

Training and development to provide our customers with the training needs as well as consulting with high professionalism and outstanding quality in accordance with the outstanding professional and keep abreast of local and external variables standards .

Our Goals

  • Scientific and practical capacity of the trainees according to the latest professional developments in the field of training development.
  • Development of human resources and personnel.
  • Meet through continuous developments and developments the individual worker training needs in all walks of life.
  • Promote the use and application of modern training methods.
  • Develop a distinct cadres enjoy global thinking and advanced to meet the needs of the labour market.
  • Continuous development and research, which helps to provide all that is new and modern, so are the highest quality output Capacity Development.

Our Staff

All members of the administrative and training has a long experience in the field of administration and management training, who strive to provide all that is new in the world of training and human development within the excellence and quality standards, particularly the provision of the necessary for the success of the training process training environment Recognizing that training is something hearing is completely different from the lecture Academy, which is characterized by all those involved in the training process management of scientific qualifications and communication skills and experience in this area and other skills that will help us in the development of administrative and training appropriate action.


Team trainers in Cambridge for the development and consulting team has a distinct practical and scientific, professional and academic experience to carry out the process of training with distinction, who are holding advanced degrees and are highly skilled in diction, presentation and modern training methods.

Tasks and activities

Implementation of training programs and various conferences and workshops, as included in the annual plan for the development of the Cambridge consulting, according to the training needs of our customers in 20 Arab and foreign countries, as well as consulting and studies.


At the end of training events each participant grants issued training certificate from Cambridge for the development and consulting, developments on the global ISO 9001 certified by – شهادة 2015/9001 ISO من قبل شركة يوكاليبتوس العالمية الستشارات الجودة . و أكاديمية




At the end of training events is given to each participant to assess, to turn evaluation of the training program or training effectiveness, which was held in terms of content and the coach and the training venue and other …, and it enables us to take important notes for improvement and development and access to higher and better levels in the field of training and development, and consulting.

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