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Urban Planning

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Preventive and Productive Maintenance for Over-head Lines01-01-202305-01-2023LondonRegister
Events Management Executive Secretarial Office01-01-202306-01-2023LondonRegister
Reduce the Use of Paper in the Institutions EDMS01-01-202306-01-2023LondonRegister
Performance Continuous Improvement Skills for The Effective Supervisor01-01-202306-01-2023LondonRegister
Transforming Ideas into Action Plans and Developing and Improving Production in Services01-01-202306-01-2023LondonRegister
Health & Safety Management in the Oil & Gas Industries (Best Practises)01-01-202306-01-2023LondonRegister
Automation Maintennace of Diesel Engines01-01-202306-01-2023LondonRegister
Capacity Development in assessing the values and land speculation01-01-202306-01-2023LondonRegister
Integrated Programme for Trading in the Stock Exchange01-01-202306-01-2023LondonRegister
"Certified Ethical Hacker: Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures"01-01-202306-01-2023LondonRegister
The integrated portal in managing and organizing the work of office managers and executive secretaries according to the TQM01-01-202306-01-2023LondonRegister
Effective Persuasive Communication Skills08-01-202313-01-2023LondonRegister
Quality and Modern Techniques of Record Management08-01-202313-01-2023LondonRegister
Advanced Course in Wireless Devices ( From A to Z )08-01-202313-01-2023LondonRegister
Leadership Vision & Organisational Reality08-01-202313-01-2023LondonRegister
Arts and Skills of Drafting and Reviewing Legislation and Regulations and Circulars08-01-202313-01-2023LondonRegister
Purchasing & Inventory Management Techniques08-01-202313-01-2023LondonRegister
Distribution Systems of Electrical Power08-01-202313-01-2023LondonRegister
Executive Leadership Skills, Strategic Planning and Achievement of Objectives08-01-202313-01-2023LondonRegister
International practices in crisis management, occupational safety and health and safety08-01-202313-01-2023LondonRegister
Foundations and Modern Standards of Evaluation in Educational Institutions (Advanced )15-01-202320-01-2023LondonRegister
Investment laws in the Stock Exchanges and Capital Markets15-01-202320-01-2023LondonRegister
Behavioral , Management and Technical Skills for Office Managers and Secretarial15-01-202320-01-2023LondonRegister
Contract Management and Change Orders and Nodal Claims and Arbitration15-01-202320-01-2023LondonRegister
The Art of Effective Communication23-01-202327-01-2023LondonRegister
Effective Communication Skills23-01-202327-01-2023LondonRegister
Strategic Planning for Training Operations and Activities23-01-202327-01-2023LondonRegister
Modern Accounting Salaries and Incentives23-01-202327-01-2023LondonRegister
Planning for Marketing and Enter Markets to Maximize Retur28-01-202301-02-2023LondonRegister
Introduction to TCP/IP and Internet Security28-01-202301-02-2023LondonRegister
Professional Methods of Account Management in the Telecom Sector28-01-202301-02-2023LondonRegister
Overall Control over Procurement and Warehousing Management and Security29-01-202302-02-2023LondonRegister
Art and Writing Skills and Technical and Administrative Reports30-01-202303-02-2023LondonRegister
Controlling Your Time & Managing Your Stress30-01-202303-02-2023LondonRegister
Project Planning and Management -Advanced Level30-01-202303-02-2023LondonRegister
Creative Accounting and Financial Disclosure30-01-202303-02-2023LondonRegister
Financial Strategy Essential Finance Management Skills30-01-202303-02-2023LondonRegister
Typical supervisory performance, supervisory leadership, and strategic thinking30-01-202303-02-2023LondonRegister
Project Management-A to Z of Best Practices -Module 2-Mastring Project management05-02-202309-02-2023LondonRegister
Best Practices to Achieve World Class Contracts06-02-202310-02-2023LondonRegister
Pollution Control and Environmental Inspection06-02-202310-02-2023LondonRegister
The Development of Accounting Skills by Using Computer Applications06-02-202310-02-2023LondonRegister
Modern Trend of Financial and Administrative Control System06-02-202310-02-2023LondonRegister
Intelligent Legal Management Towards more effective legal and judicial procedures06-02-202310-02-2023LondonRegister
Procedures Training to Build Effective Processes13-02-202317-02-2023LondonRegister
Performance Management, Motivation and Development13-02-202317-02-2023LondonRegister
Communications Strategy for Peak Business Performance13-02-202317-02-2023LondonRegister
Modern Methods in Dealing with Fingerprint13-02-202317-02-2023LondonRegister
Techniques of Suppliers Evaluation20-02-202324-02-2023LondonRegister
ISO 10002 Guide for Customer Handling20-02-202324-02-2023LondonRegister
Applying Strategic Thinking Strategies to Training Plans20-02-202324-02-2023LondonRegister
Contaminated Site Assessment & Remediation Techniques20-02-202324-02-2023LondonRegister
Advanced Accounting Systems and Internal Audit to Detect Financial Fraud20-02-202324-02-2023LondonRegister
Contemporary Concepts in Marketing and Ad Campaign Planning20-02-202324-02-2023LondonRegister
Administrative Contracts and Tenders Rules and Problems27-02-202303-03-2023LondonRegister
Marketing Strategies in Light of Competition and Team Building Marketing and Selling27-02-202303-03-2023LondonRegister
Financial Systems, Personnel, Human Resources, Budget Preparation27-02-202303-03-2023LondonRegister
Global Secretariat in the e-Governance Perspectives27-02-202303-03-2023LondonRegister
Oil & Gas Accounting & Performance Measurement27-02-202303-03-2023LondonRegister
The Development of Teaching and Learning Strategies27-02-202303-03-2023LondonRegister
The Integrated Systems of Follow -up and Internal Control27-02-202303-03-2023LondonRegister
Control of Procurement and Warehousing Management, Security06-03-202310-03-2023LondonRegister
Advanced Skills of Office Work Management and e-Secretariat06-03-202310-03-2023LondonRegister
Total quality management and its applications in the field of education06-03-202310-03-2023LondonRegister
How to Increase Effectiveness and Profit in Companies13-03-202317-03-2023LondonRegister
Overall Control Over Procurement and Stores Management and Accounting13-03-202317-03-2023LondonRegister
Planning and Urban Design Engineering13-03-202317-03-2023LondonRegister
Creative Skills in Making Decisions19-03-202324-03-2023LondonRegister
Administrative Technology Development, and Personnel Management20-03-202324-03-2023LondonRegister
Legal and Technical Skills of Administrative Investigations20-03-202324-03-2023LondonRegister
Creating an Effective Marketing Plan in Fast Moving Markets27-03-202331-03-2023LondonRegister
Modern Management Skills in Marketing Campaigns28-03-202301-04-2023LondonRegister
Office Automation Using Content Management Systems28-03-202301-04-2023LondonRegister
Hazardous Waste Management28-03-202301-04-2023LondonRegister
Modern Techniques of Administrative and Financial Control -Correction of Deviations and Abuses28-03-202301-04-2023LondonRegister
Accounting and Finance for Non-accountants and Financials28-03-202301-04-2023LondonRegister
Advanced Trends and Techniques in Sales02-04-202306-04-2023LondonRegister
Insurance Incidents and Insurance of Contractors03-04-202306-04-2023LondonRegister
Strategies of Human Resource Management and Training by Using Information Technology03-04-202307-04-2023LondonRegister
Administrative and Technical Skills of Trainig and Career Development Coordinators03-04-202307-04-2023LondonRegister
Advanced Selection, Interviewing & Recruitment Skills03-04-202307-04-2023LondonRegister
The 10 Essential Skills for Successful Management03-04-202307-04-2023LondonRegister
Modern Trends of Bid Analysis and Evaluation for Sales , Marketing and Purchase Managers03-04-202307-04-2023LondonRegister
Crisis Management and Effective Decision Making03-04-202307-04-2023LondonRegister
Contract Management, the Arts and Writing Skills of Legal Memos and Correspondence10-04-202314-04-2023LondonRegister
Evaluation of Safety and Health Program According to OSHA10-04-202314-04-2023LondonRegister
Examination of Documents Standards in the Shipping Volume of Documentary Credits and Civil Liability Insurance17-04-202321-04-2023LondonRegister
Modern Trends in Planning and Manpower Development and Career Growth Policies17-04-202321-04-2023LondonRegister
Legal Writing Skills and Techniques of Legislative Drafting and Design Contracts17-04-202321-04-2023LondonRegister
Contaminated Site Assessment & Remediation Techniques17-04-202321-04-2023LondonRegister
Insurance Incidents and Insurance of Contractors24-04-202328-04-2023LondonRegister
Investigation of Accidents and Fires Originating out of Electricity24-04-202328-04-2023LondonRegister
Modern Trends of Personnel and Career Development24-04-202328-04-2023LondonRegister
The Development of Efficiencies in the Light of the Teacher Quality Standards in Education24-04-202328-04-2023LondonRegister
The Administration Officer Development Program24-04-202328-04-2023LondonRegister
Advanced Logistics Techniques24-04-202328-04-2023LondonRegister
Insurance Incidents and Loss Adjustment Internationally01-05-202305-05-2023LondonRegister
The Guidance Process and its Components and the Guidance Relationship01-05-202305-05-2023LondonRegister
Purchase Management and Customs Clearance01-05-202305-05-2023LondonRegister
Settlement of Disputes in International Trade Contracts01-05-202305-05-2023LondonRegister
Advanced Management of non-Performing Debts and Methods of their Collection01-05-202305-05-2023LondonRegister
Trading and Legal Control on Capital Markets - Exchanges -01-05-202305-05-2023LondonRegister
Goods Insurance , and Documentary Credits08-05-202312-05-2023LondonRegister
All about OSHA with Special Emphasis on the Safety Supervisor Role08-05-202312-05-2023LondonRegister
Paperless Management - Towards e-Organization15-05-202319-05-2023LondonRegister
Fire Insurance, Engineering Insurance and General Accidents22-05-202326-05-2023LondonRegister
Procedures for Negotiation and Arbitration of Insurance Disputes22-05-202326-05-2023LondonRegister
Skills of Cognitive and Behavioral Counseling22-05-202326-05-2023LondonRegister
Developing the Professional Competence of the Teachers and Staff in Education22-05-202326-05-2023LondonRegister
Stock Accounting and Control and Techniques of Reducing Stock Costs22-05-202326-05-2023LondonRegister
Modern Methods and Mechanisms to Protect Public Funds and the Reduction of Administrative and Financial Corruption29-05-202302-06-2023LondonRegister
Developing the Personal and Professional Skills for Faculty Member (Advanced)29-05-202302-06-2023LondonRegister
Analytical Techniques for Enhancing Purchasing Performance29-05-202302-06-2023LondonRegister
Analysis of Training Needs and Career Planning towards Achieving Goals05-06-202309-06-2023LondonRegister
Application of 6 Sigma in Training and Administrative Development12-06-202316-06-2023LondonRegister
Developing the Skills of Middle Management12-06-202316-06-2023LondonRegister
Creative Thinking of Problem Analysis and Decision Making12-06-202316-06-2023LondonRegister
Modern Strategies of Writing and Implementing Administrative Contracts12-06-202316-06-2023LondonRegister
Market Studies for Industrial Products12-06-202316-06-2023LondonRegister
Creative & Positive Thinking12-06-202316-06-2023LondonRegister
Understanding the Complete Training Cycle & Measuring Training Return12-06-202316-06-2023LondonRegister
Improving Employee Performance: Correcting, Coaching & Counseling19-06-202323-06-2023LondonRegister
Cargo Insurance Types and Risks20-06-202301-07-2023LondonRegister
Re-engineering of the Administrative Institutions27-06-202301-07-2023LondonRegister
Excellence in Contract Preparation and Forming27-06-202301-07-2023LondonRegister
Employing Mind Mapping in the Educational Process17-07-202321-07-2023LondonRegister
Employee Empowerment, Engagement & Motivation17-07-202321-07-2023LondonRegister
Logistics Operations in the Work of Public Relations24-07-202328-07-2023LondonRegister
Improving Employee Performance: Correcting, Coaching & Counseling24-07-202328-07-2023LondonRegister
Management of Library and Information Technology24-07-202328-07-2023LondonRegister
The Integration of Procurement, Logistics and Inventory with Suppliers24-07-202328-07-2023LondonRegister
Department of Tenders and Contracts24-07-202328-07-2023LondonRegister
Financial Analysis and Feasibility Study24-07-202328-07-2023LondonRegister
Specifications and Skills of the Contemporary Teacher31-07-202304-08-2023LondonRegister
Preparing and Developing Training Specialists and Coordinators07-08-202311-08-2023LondonRegister
Leadership & Personality at Work -The Power of Positive Thinking07-08-202311-08-2023LondonRegister
Skills and Recent Trends Affecting the Public Relations and Information Department14-08-202318-08-2023LondonRegister
International Public Relations -Diplomatic Protocol14-08-202318-08-2023LondonRegister
Supervisory Skills Development: Important Attributes of Management14-08-202318-08-2023LondonRegister
Strategic Tools for Effective Leadership21-08-202325-08-2023LondonRegister
Strategic Management of Business & Technology21-08-202325-08-2023LondonRegister
Building Skills for Working in Teams: Igniting Passion & Activating Potential in Teams21-08-202325-08-2023LondonRegister
Legal Aspects and Problems in Personnel Management21-08-202325-08-2023LondonRegister
Administrative and Legal Coordination of the Work of Legal and Judicial Reporting21-08-202325-08-2023LondonRegister
Leadership Styles, Dynamics of Making Decisions28-08-202301-09-2023LondonRegister
Coaching, Leadership, Motivation & Dynamic Team Building28-08-202301-09-2023LondonRegister
After Sale Services as an Approach to Retain Customers04-09-202308-09-2023LondonRegister
Audit and Review Contracts and Detect Irregularities04-09-202308-09-2023LondonRegister
Modern Techniques of Contracting, Tendering and Minimizing of Claims11-09-202315-09-2023LondonRegister
Development of Public Relations Staff Skills of Dealing with Media11-09-202315-09-2023LondonRegister
e ??? Public Relations Management, and Dealing with Media -Strategies for Success11-09-202315-09-2023LondonRegister
How to Conduct a Network Vulnerability Assessment11-09-202315-09-2023LondonRegister
Leadership Development: the Challenge of Leadership11-09-202315-09-2023LondonRegister
Use of Future Logy in Mangement and Strategic Planning24-09-202328-09-2023LondonRegister
e ??? Public Relations Management, and Dealing with Media -Strategies for Success25-09-202329-09-2023LondonRegister
Preparation of Specialist Public Relations and Media25-09-202329-09-2023LondonRegister
Skills of Time Organizing and Prioritizing25-09-202329-09-2023LondonRegister
Modern Systems and Techniques of Local and External Purchase25-09-202329-09-2023LondonRegister
Purchasing & Inventory Management Techniques25-09-202329-09-2023LondonRegister
Rules and Regulations of Internal and External Purchase25-09-202329-09-2023LondonRegister
Modern Trends of Network Maintenance25-09-202329-09-2023LondonRegister
Managerial and Behavioral Skills Development25-09-202329-09-2023LondonRegister
Strategic and Modern Methods of Replacement Policies and the Composition of the Second Row of Leaders02-10-202306-10-2022LondonRegister
Information Technology Infrastructure Library02-10-202306-10-2023LondonRegister
Preparation and Training to Fill Senior Leadership Positions02-10-202306-10-2023LondonRegister
Development the Personal and Professional Skills for Faculty Member02-10-202306-10-2023LondonRegister
Strategies Developed and Modern International Standards of Supervision and Internal Audit02-10-202306-10-2023LondonRegister
Job Safety Analysis & Risk Assessment02-10-202306-10-2023LondonRegister
Security and Safety According to British NEBOSH02-10-202306-10-2023LondonRegister
Performance Development Skills02-10-202306-10-2023LondonRegister
Perparation of Media Spokespersons in Orgnizations09-10-202313-10-2023LondonRegister
Information Technology for Non-professionals09-10-202313-10-2023LondonRegister
Safety Engineering of Industrial Operations and Occupational Safety09-10-202313-10-2023LondonRegister
Administrative Series : Enhancing Key Skills At The Workplace09-10-202313-10-2023LondonRegister
Integrated Skills of Preparation of Strategic Planning Experts15-10-202319-10-2023LondonRegister
Preparing Financial Reports According to IFRS.15-10-202319-10-2023LondonRegister
Re-Structuring of Financial Organizations Under Modern Technology16-10-202320-10-2023LondonRegister
Emergency Management and Safety of Utilities and Employees16-10-202320-10-2023LondonRegister
Logistics Operations in the Work of Public Relations23-10-202327-10-2023LondonRegister
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)30-10-202303-11-2023LondonRegister
Customer Service Strategy: Building a Customer Centric Organization30-10-202303-11-2023LondonRegister
Organize and Develop Methods of Work30-10-202303-11-2023LondonRegister
Financial Control and Modern vernment Accounting from the Perspective of Financial and Legal30-10-202303-11-2023LondonRegister
Understanding Training Needs Analysis30-10-202303-11-2023LondonRegister
Material Requirement Planning / Management Workshop30-10-202303-11-2023LondonRegister
Human Performance Improvement (HPI)30-10-202303-11-2023LondonRegister
Employee Empowerment, Engagement & Motivation30-10-202303-11-2023LondonRegister
Health Insurance Management and Health Economics06-11-202310-11-2023LondonRegister
Banking Conflict Solution and Methods of Solving them06-11-202310-11-2023LondonRegister
Understanding Total Quality Management13-11-202317-11-2023LondonRegister
Environmental Management Systems & Impact Assessments13-11-202317-11-2023LondonRegister
Systems of Wages ,Compensations and Benefits13-11-202317-11-2023LondonRegister
Contracts Preparation & Administration13-11-202317-11-2023LondonRegister
Art of Effective Practice of Public Relations and Media20-11-202324-11-2023LondonRegister
Excellencein Budgeting as a Tool of Control and Performance Appraisal20-11-202324-11-2023LondonRegister
Skills of Preparing and Writing Financial Contracts by Computer20-11-202324-11-2023LondonRegister
Making Effective Decisions with Business Data & Statistics20-11-202324-11-2023LondonRegister
Ways of Simplifying and Developing Work Procedures27-11-202301-12-2023LondonRegister
Quantitative Methods in Warehouse Management and Control of the Stock Electronically27-11-202301-12-2023LondonRegister
Organizing and Managing of Land Transport27-11-202301-12-2023LondonRegister
Modern Strategies in Team Building to Achieve Institutional Harmony04-12-202308-12-2023LondonRegister
Technical Skills of Writing Reports, Letters and Administrative and Technical Memos04-12-202308-12-2023LondonRegister
Modern Strategies in Team Building to Achieve Institutional Harmony04-12-202308-12-2023LondonRegister
Leadership Best Practices: Leadership, Influence & Trust ??? The Power of a Leader04-12-202308-12-2023LondonRegister
Information Technology for Non-professionals04-12-202308-12-2023LondonRegister
Recent Trends in Leadership and Supervisory Skills04-12-202308-12-2023LondonRegister
Strategic Planning and Analysis Skills to Prepare the Administrative and Planning Budgets04-12-202307-12-2023LondonRegister
Pavement Construction and Maintenance Management Based on GIS04-12-202308-12-2023LondonRegister
The Integrated Program of Quality Management Systems04-12-202308-12-2023LondonRegister
Air Conditioning Systems : Design and Application04-12-202308-12-2023LondonRegister
Speed and Vibrations Measurement System04-12-202308-12-2023LondonRegister
Contract Management and Formulation from A-Z04-12-202308-12-2023LondonRegister
Organizational Behavior in Sport04-12-202307-12-2023LondonRegister
The Manager & Executive Development Program: Creating Future Leaders04-12-202308-12-2023LondonRegister
Effective Utilization of Time Managing Multiple Tasks & Priorities04-12-202308-12-2023LondonRegister
Develop the Skills of Accountants and Auditors and CFOs04-12-202308-12-2023LondonRegister
Office Management and Secretariat for International Orgnization11-12-202315-12-2023LondonRegister
The Art of Negotiating, Influencing, Communicating & Conflict Resolution11-12-202315-12-2023LondonRegister
Modern Methods in the Management of Procurement and Stores11-12-202315-12-2023LondonRegister
Protecting Strategic Facilities and Design of Physical Security Systems11-12-202315-12-2023LondonRegister
Legal and Administrative Procedures in the Drafting of Resolutions and Discipline Employees11-12-202315-12-2023LondonRegister
Developing Planning, Organizing and Goal Setting Skills11-12-202315-12-2023LondonRegister
Supervisory Skills Development: Important Attributes of Management11-12-202315-12-2023LondonRegister
Supervision Skills and Managerial Excellence18-12-202322-12-2023LondonRegister
Modern Techniques of Record and Document Management18-12-202322-12-2023LondonRegister
Developing Supervisory and Leadership Skills18-12-202322-12-2023LondonRegister
The Administration Officer Development Program18-12-202322-12-2023LondonRegister
Effective Time and Stress Management18-12-202322-12-2023LondonRegister
Budgeting, Accounting & Cost Control18-12-202322-12-2023LondonRegister
Leadership Skills for Supervisors18-12-202322-12-2023LondonRegister
The Art and Skills of Managerial Decision-making in Terms of Administrative and Legal25-12-202329-12-2023LondonRegister
Preparation of Financial Statements Using the Electronic Scheduling Program25-12-202329-12-2023LondonRegister

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